Tallahassee Wants JetBlue

Our engines are revving and we’ve been cleared by the tower – it’s time to take off with a community push to bring JetBlue service to Tallahassee!

Residents of the capital city of the 3rd largest state deserve greater air travel options. Why should we have to fly out of the state just to get somewhere in the state? Share your reasons for wanting to bring JetBlue to Tallahassee by posting your own on-camera appeal for JetBlue to fly in and out of Tallahassee, and join us as we getBlue Tallahassee.

Let’s bring the award-winning airline in for a "landing" at Tallahassee International Airport!

The Tallahassee Community

Members of the Tallahassee community share their reasons as to why JetBlue should come here.

Great Quality of Life in the City of…

The City of Tallahassee includes more than 67,000 students attending Florida State University, Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College,…

Tallahassee’s Business community needs jetBlue

Our business community is growing! Businesses need to reach their customers and flights into Fort Lauderdale will help them immensely.…